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International shipping export process

International shipping export process:
1. The shipper provides: (1) box type (2) box volume (3) destination port (4) shipping time (5) name of the goods (American line, the name must be reported)
2. After the customer receives the sea freight price
To entrust packing, the freight company asks the consignor for the packing method.
(1) Packing on site (shipper provides factory address)
(2) Warehouse packing (the shipping company provides the warehouse address to the shipper)
3. The freight company asks the shipper for customs declaration information.

The freight company provides the shipping information to the shipping company and the shipping company to determine the price and book the booking with the shipping company. After receiving the reservation, the shipping company will inform the name of the ship, the schedule and the bill of lading number.

Make a box
1. Make boxes on site
After picking up the box, the freight company will make the box according to the factory address provided by the shipper.
2. The warehouse makes boxes
The freight company informs the warehouse of the ship's name and bill of lading number. According to the letter of introduction, go to the container yard of the shipping company to pick up the boxes.

Customs loading
After the container is collected at the port, the customs declaration; the shipping company will load the container onto the ship.

The shipping company unloaded the container to the dock.

Notice delivery
The shipping company informs the consignee to pick up the goods.

Customs clearance
The consignor cleared customs to the customs.

Change order
The consignor exchanged the bill of lading for the bill of lading.

Pick up
The picker picks up the bill of lading.

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